As the owners of FIND APPAREL CO. we aim to create a gym that people can call their home away from home. The place you go when it's time to relieve stress. At our gym we will play loud music, slam weights and are all about getting to know each of our future members. As we all know creating a gym can be very expensive so we are asking for your help along the way! We aren't asking for donations & we don't want hand outs. We believe in working hard for what we want so that is the last thing we want! Our game plan is to sell these shirts( that we will hand print ourselves) of the gym that we'd love to create! By doing this it will help us fund our goal of opening our gym by 2020. We are calling this program  THE G.O.A.T. FUND ME. By purchasing one of our gym shirts you will be assisting us in the process of saving for our gym. We will also have a dedication wall for those that helped us make our goal come true. If this sparks your interest then take a look at the 6 different designs we have displayed for pre order. We hope to see you at our gym!